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Performance tuning


These optional procedures can speed up the Authority Plug-In.


Note:If you use spamd, you must restart it after making any of the changes described here.

  • Comment out unwanted plug-ins.

    Spam is detected with greater accuracy and throughput when only the Authority Plug-In is running. In particular, the Razor2 plug-in is not needed when you are using the Authority Plug-In. You can turn it off by commenting out this line in v310.pre or another *.pre file:

    ## loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Razor2

    Note:In SpamAssassin 3.2+, do not comment out the Check plugin or spamassassin/spamd will not start.

  • Disable SpamAssassin tests.

    More spam is detected, at twice the speed, when you disable SpamAssassinÃ

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