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Checking attachments for viruses and removing only the affected one(s)


Cloudmark is selecting all attachments for removal when only one attachment is virally infected.



  1. In Cloudmark Authority, run the ATTACHMENT phase from the CONTENT phase.
  2. NOTE: Ensure that you explicitly enable any new ATTACHMENT phase that you create. By default, ATTACHMENT phases are not enabled.

  3. Call Cloudmark Anti-Spam to check each attachment in the attachment phase.
  4. application apply [Cloudmark Anti-Spam] 
  5.  Check the Cloudmark verdict for "Virus" category, remove attachment on match otherwise process next attachment. 
IF [Condition] variable [_cmae_descr] (string) [contains] [Virus]
THEN [Function] log with level [NORMAL] in log file [custom] message [msgid=$(_id) Virus Found - remove attachment 
ELSE [Function] log with level [NORMAL] in log file [custom] message [msgid=$(_id) Virus Not Found - keep attachment


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