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Is there any action I should take right now?

  • If you are not the person responsible for the security or management of this IP, you should notify someone who is. This may be your local IT support vendor or service provider.
  • You should check that the reverse DNS (PTR record) for the IP address you are requesting remediation on is set and more importantly is valid. Invalid reverse DNS entries include:
    • example.local - .local is not a valid top level domain on in the Internet
    • - the underscore character is not valid in hostnames
  • Additionally it may be that not all the nameservers that are authoritative for your domain, are returning the same or expected data; you should check the output from each nameserver.
  • If the IP is your corporate mail server or firewall/gateway then you may have a compromised account or machine within your network which is sending spam. You should take steps to perform a full security audit to ensure that you are no longer sending spam.
  • If you are sending newsletters then you may have issues with your mailing practices that are causing recipients to report your mails as spam. You should review your sending behaviour and apply proper list hygiene to improve this.
  • If you are a service provider, you should review any customer(s) you have assigned to this IP and ascertain if they have contravened your Acceptable Use Policies.
  • If you are certain that you are not responsible for the sending of any spam you may complete the IP statistics reset request form. However, if you are an ISP, Hosting Provider or you send newsletters via this IP you should sign up for the various feedback loops (FBLs) that ISPs offer. Reviewing and acting on the data generated by these reports in a timely manner will likely help improve your CSI reputation. has links to the various FBLs that you can sign up for.
  • Once you are happy that you've checked all the technical issues and are certain that no more spam is being sent via your IP, you can complete the IP statistics reset request form.
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