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Cloudmark Partners

Partners choose Cloudmark technology for its high accuracy and efficiency in identifying and stopping the most sophisticated current and evolving messaging threats across mediums and around the world.

OEM Partners

Cloudmark's OEM partners offer Cloudmark technology in a wide variety of solutions:

  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Software
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) Devices
  • Hosted Messaging Security Services
  • Anti-spam Software & Appliances
  • Anti-virus Software & Appliances
  • Firewall Software and Appliances
  • Internet Fraud Protection
  • Desktop Security Software

Marshal provides comprehensive security solutions for email and internet content security.

Cloudmark Authority integrates with MailMarshal SpamProfiler and to detect spam quickly and accurately, mitigating security and performance challenges posed by growing messaging security threats.

OEM partners include:

Technology Partners

Cloudmark integrates technology from best-of-breed security leaders to provide service providers, mobile network operators and enterprises partners with the highest innovation available on the market today.

Our key technology partners are Global Relay and Splunk.

Industry Alliances

United by a common goal of eliminating all forms of messaging abuse, Cloudmark is associated with key, global industry alliances that provide a forum to educate all members of the messaging ecosystem, including vendors, subscribers and partners.

We are an active member in the following organizations:

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