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Cloudmark Authority® Milter

Designed for easy integration with Milter-compatible MTAs, Cloudmark Authority Milter enables comprehensive messaging security with industry-leading performance and accuracy.

The Cloudmark Authority Milter provides high-performance spam, phishing and virus protection. In addition to industry leading accuracy, it requires significantly less processing power than competitive solutions. The Cloudmark Authority Milter frees messaging infrastructure and networking resources from the burden of messaging attacks, while delivering an immediate improvement in filtering reliability and accuracy.

Cloudmark Authority's superior performance dramatically reduces requirements for filtering and storage servers. Service providers who implement Cloudmark Authority typically benefit from an up to 75 percent reduction in filtering infrastructure requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Unparalleled Accuracy

    Unbeaten in head-to-head trials worldwide, Cloudmark Authority Milter filters spam with greater than 98% accuracy and near-zero false positives. Cloudmark detects messaging abuse in any format or language, including image spam, malware attachments, and phishing URLs.

  • Easy Integration

    Out-of-the box, Cloudmark integrates with a wide variety of Milter-compatible MTAs. Cloudmark Authority Milter fully integrates with your existing messaging server environment.

  • Easy to Administer

    Cloudmark Authority Milter updates its fingerprint cache every 15 seconds and automatically begins scoring messages using the updates. The easy to install solution can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. Unlike other anti-spam solutions that require continuous administration and complex configuration, Cloudmark Authority Milter needs only minimal administrative effort while delivering unsurpassed protection against new spam and malware outbreaks.


How it Works

Cloudmark Authority automatically publishes the latest threat data every 30 seconds so there's no need for manual updates. Cloudmark Authority significantly reduces administrative time while delivering the highest level of protection against new threat outbreaks.


With years of experience supporting Milter-compatible MTAs, Cloudmark has engineered Cloudmark Authority for out-of-the-box integration with:

  • Sendmail 8.12 and later
  • Postfix 2.4 and later
  • Zimbra Collaboration Server 6.x and later
  • Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7.x and later
  • Sun Java Messaging Server 6.3 and later
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