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ISPs, email service providers and web hosting providers must deliver a secure and trusted messaging environment to their customers. However, in a world of constantly evolving abuse and threats, it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email provides comprehensive security that automatically detects and blocks all forms of inbound and outbound messaging abuse before it can impact subscribers, helpdesks, networks and infrastructure.

The scalable, flexible architecture means it can replace or augment low performing legacy mail transfer agent (MTA) infrastructure via a unique network-transparent SMTP technology. Cloudmark Security Platform for Email relieves your network and messaging infrastructure of unwanted and malicious traffic, reducing operating costs, hardware requirements and support calls. Customers will enjoy a secure and trusted messaging experience, improving brand loyalty and reducing churn.

Specialized for ISPs and Email Service Providers

  • Gain Granular Threat Control

    Cloudmark Security Platform for Email includes a high-performance MTA with flexible anti-abuse policy, combined with IP reputation, content filtering and post-delivery spam cleanup capabilities. Flexible deployment options enable easy integration with internal and external provisioning databases as well as any messaging platform.

  • Eliminate Inbound Email Spam, Phishing and Malware

    Our unique fingerprinting technology and real-time updates maximize your inbound spam filtering rates while improving performance and security of existing mail stores and custom MTAs. Cloudmark Security Platform for Email provides the industry's highest levels of security, enabling fully automated control over outbreaks. Our easy-to-manage content filter provides anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection that consistently blocks over 99% of inbound attacks in real-time with near zero false positives.

  • Prevent Outbound Spam and IP Blacklisting

    Attackers leverage botnets and compromised accounts to funnel outbound spam through your messaging infrastructure and network. These outbreaks lead to blacklisting of your IP space and result in increased support and remediation costs. Our powerful policy framework combined with Cloudmark Authority’s fingerprinting enables real-time spam, phishing and malware detection within your outbound traffic stream, helping to prevent the blacklisting of legitimate senders sharing the same IP address space. Cloudmark Security Platform for Email easily integrates with external data sources, enabling external configuration and per-recipient policy. Incorporating all available data, compromised accounts are easily discovered and send-attempts blocked, while alerts are sent to operations teams. The solution significantly improves outbound spam blocking beyond what is possible within legacy MTAs.

  • Reduce Email Security Infrastructure Costs

    While providing the highest levels of filtering accuracy against all forms of messaging abuse, Cloudmark Security Platform for Email requires far fewer system resources than traditional open source MTAs and competing commercial solutions. With Cloudmark, you will realize significant consolidation of messaging infrastructure with carrier-grade flexibility and scalability. Our solution provides the environment-wide management that your organization requires. Most importantly, Cloudmark backs its solutions with a seasoned team of technical services personnel, support staff and professional services engineers.

Specialized for Web Hosting Providers

  • Multi-Tenant Messaging Policy Support

    Cloudmark Security Platform for Email easily supports large scale multi-tenant environments, enabling fully customizable system behavior on a per-domain or per-mailbox basis, including routing, SMTP authentication, recipient validation, and enforcement of daily limits. The platform fully support the integration of domain or user preferences via external data source queries including databases, web services, LDAP directories and other site-specific preference repositories.

  • Transparently Manage SMTP Traffic from VPS/Dedicated Hosting Systems

    Stop spam and malicious messages outside of your existing infrastructure. Cloudmark Security Platform for Email can be deployed transparently, allowing for seamless, drop-in installation requiring no changes to existing mail server network configuration. Full policy control capabilities and carrier-grade performance delivers immediate reduction in inbound and outbound threats that legacy MTAs cannot contain. Outbreak alerts can be configured to enable security operations teams with immediate shutdown of fraudulent account signups and to address compromised customer systems.

  • Detect Botnets and Compromised Virtual Private Servers/Dedicated Hosting platforms

    Cloudmark security solutions for hosting providers include flexible policy frameworks that enable tracking of spammer and bot activity, providing automated alerts to your abuse and operations teams. This visibility extends to potentially compromised or fraudulently acquired Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Hosting platforms.

What our customers say

We selected Cloudmark considering their expertise and experience in the message security industry, and the high performance and flexibility level of the solutions they provide. We look forward to working with Cloudmark to continue providing the best messaging protection for our customers.
Sylvain Causse, France Telecom / Orange

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