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Our 2016 Q2 Security Threat Report provides our unique insights to the latest trends. Featured stories in this quarter's report include:

  • The plummeted distribution volumes of the Locky Ransomware family
  • Disappearance of the Necurs botnet
  • Suing Spammers, a profile on SF-based lawyer Dan Balsam
  • Country report: Bangladesh and Vietnam
  • Mobile messaging in the U.S. and the differences between carriers and NUVOs

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  1. Cloudmark Security Predictions for 2017

    Jan 3, 2017 by Cloudmark

    The Internet of Things will be an ever-increasing threat. We have already seen massive botnets of home routers and security cameras used for devastating DDoS attacks such as the one on Dyn. The source code to do this has been published, and there is no way to systematically upgrade all IoT devices to protect against […]

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  2. Cerber Ransomware Actors Shift to Password-Protected Documents

    Dec 8, 2016 by Greg Leah

    Cloudmark has recently observed a shift in tactics from the actors behind the Cerber family of ransomware. The actors behind the Cerber malware attacks have shifted to using password protected documents to deliver their malware. The use of encrypted documents is not a new tactic and has been around for many years. As we reported, […]

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