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Getting message fingerprints in Exim


For custom processing, you may require specific Cloudmark fingerprint information. To get message fingerprints, you can enable Cloudmark's analysis header. However, the add_header directive does not work in Exim.


Follow the instructions below to enable the analysis header with Exim.

How to enable analysis headers in Exim

  1. Edit /usr/(local/)share/spamassassin/

    In SpamAssassin 3.2, this file has been renamed to

  2. Locate the "report" lines. Insert the CMAE report line as shown:
    report Spam detection software, running ....
    report identified this incoming email ....
    report has been attached to this so you ....
    report similar future email. If you ....
    report _CONTACTADDRESS_ for details.
    report CMAE Analysis: _CMAETAG_	    [<--- add this line]
    report Content preview: _PREVIEW_
    report Content analysis details:   ...
    report " pts rule name             ...
    report  ---- ---------------------- ...
    report _SUMMARY_
  3. To have only the CMAE analysis line added, comment out all the other report lines in the template.

    The added header will then look like this:

    X-Spam-Report: v=1.0 c=0 p=maD-J2LHO2h a=fsBcwb a=Pcl-WUO ...

  4. Restart spamd.


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