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Cloudmark SRS Spam Reporting Service

The Cloudmark SRS Spam Reporting Service provides a clearinghouse of messaging spam reports submitted by mobile consumers from participating mobile networks around the world. Subscribers can easily report SMS spam to a special short code, such as "7726" (S-P-A-M). Through the automated collection and analysis of subscriber-reported spam, the service provides operators with collaborative, real-time global insight into threats against their networks and subscribers.

By rolling out the service, operators can:

  • Protect Subscribers — Subscribers react quickly to SMS and may unwittingly fall victim to malicious activity. MNOs can protect their subscribers proactively and immediately by addressing issues at a network level.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction — SMS spam is seen as a violation of customers’ privacy. Empowering subscribers to report spam will lessen frustration and improve the MNO reputation.

  • Gain Valuable Network Insight — MNOs can understand the nature and methods of attack on the network and quantify the volume and impact of attacks to develop more efficient security strategies.

  • Preserve Brand and Protect Future Revenue — MNOs can attract the highest revenues from the leading global brands with a network that is differentiated by showing security leadership.

  • Save on infrastructure and support costs — By optimizing network resources, operators can avoid costly spam, customer support complaints and inter-carrier billing investigations.

  • Respond effectively to regulatory requirements — Uncontrolled SMS spam can lead to regulation for subscriber protection. By proactively working with regulatory bodies this can be avoided.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully Hosted Service

    Requiring no capital costs and minimal up-front investment, the service deploys simply with no network changes.

  • Mobile Attack Classification and Insight

    Identify the type, level and nature of spam taking place on your network. Gain global and network-level insight into attacks and impact on customer satisfaction, fraud analysis, network integrity and operations.

  • Rich Data-Sharing Features

    Integrate regional and global trend analysis through feedback loops with operators worldwide. You can quickly compare the impact in your network to global networks and learn from global community.

  • Web-Based Interface With Customizable Dashboards for Reporting and Search

    Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards, tailored to suit operator workflows. With role-based reporting, you can customize analysis and reporting to meet requirements of various roles and departments.

  • Wide Range of Reporting Options for Subscribers

    Empower subscribers with multiple options to report spam, including the 7726 short code, access to Android SDK, as well as OMA SpamRep Protocol.

  • Global Data Correlation

    Providing on-network and off-network data gives operators the ability to understand and compare the extent of spam within, entering and leaving their networks from other operators.

How it works

When an SMS spam message is received by a mobile subscriber, the user forwards the message to a short code, such as “7726” (spelling SPAM) or a custom short code, along with the sender’s identity (sending MSISDN or shortcode). The spam report is captured by the Cloudmark SRS Spam Reporting Service Powered by Cloudmark, added to the database and reports and analytics are updated. The service acknowledges the subscriber with a friendly message. The service also provides aggregated messaging spam data cross MNO networks, providing enhanced visibility into high volume, fast evolving, and emerging threats.

Operators access these reports through a web interface and use this visibility to target enforcement action against abusive traffic only, without impacting legitimate users and content.

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