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  • In 2016, ransomware attacks ramped exponentially as a side business turned proven money maker for cybercriminals, offering a simple business model that targeted end users, enterprises, cloud services, and databases, exploiting a lack of data backups for hefty bitcoin payouts.



  • Preventing malicious mobile traffic presents unique challenges that are often missed due to lack of visibility and control of the network. The true cost of just one of many scams goes beyond operational costs; it ultimately affects subscribers who have fallen victim to phishing attacks stealing sensitive data, like banking credentials, or infecting them with mobile malware. Sending malicious traffic through various methods, including email to SMS or via grey routes, has been driven not only by the low cost, but also due to the highly profitable nature of malware and phishing scams. This webinar will take an in-depth look at the latest trends and attacks affecting mobile network security, the types of malicious traffic that boosts profitability for attackers, and strategies for mitigating message abuse in the network.


  • This webinar discusses how Application-to-person (A2P) SMS has increasingly become a key method for organizations to communicate with their customers. This has been driven by the ubiquity of mobile phones and the universality of SMS. Unfortunately, this has also lead to a massive growth in messages being sent through illegitimate routes that bypass the operators’ billing systems. This is commonly referred to as grey routes carrying grey traffic, and is a tactic commonly used by third-party aggregators to boost their own profitability. The result is lost revenue for mobile operators who often do not have visibility and control of messages on their network.

  • This webinar analyzes the mobile security threat landscape and how emerging technology will impact mobile network security. We outlined strategies for attack mitigation and discussed how top tier mobile operators are successfully protecting their network and subscribers. Additionally, Andrew Bowen from Everything Everywhere discussed how EE is teaming with other UK operators to combat messaging threats and shared his perspective on the growing problem of botnet attacks.

  • This webinar outlines the threats facing hosting providers and provides strategies for mitigation. Hacker attacks on web servers are rapidly approaching large-scale mass production. Cybercriminals use compromised web servers for malware distribution, spamming, DDoS attacks, and other illicit purposes. A malicious website damages the reputation of the IP address, resulting in the address being blocked and negatively impacting customer experience.


  • This webinar discusses inbound and outbound policy strategies for broadband and email to identify and mitigate compromised hosts, compromised accounts and security breaches — allowing you to safeguard your network and ensure that your subscribers’ data is safe and secure.

  • This webinar will help you understand the mobile security solutions that are available right now, focusing on threats, challenges, and deployment opportunities unique to different geographies around the globe. SMS and MMS spam is already a major issue for mobile carriers and a rapidly increasing portion of that spam is malicious. Customers look to their carriers to protect them from the onslaught of SMS/MMS phishing attacks, financial scams and mobile malware, and mobile carriers are investing in security gateways for SMS/MMS as a way to combat the threats.

  • In this webinar, Cloudmark reveals proven strategies to help hosting providers reduce operating costs by defending their systems from outbound email spam as well as tactics to avoid email blacklisting and improve email deliverability.

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