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About Proofpoint

Cloudmark is a trusted leader in security, protecting the world’s largest service providers for over 12 years. Our security solutions detect threats faster and block the broadest range of attacks, defending against security breaches that result in increased operational costs and brand damage.

Superior Performance

  • Broad spectrum threat detection: data breaches, malware, advanced persistent threats, phishing and spear-phishing
  • Automated, proprietary real-time threat intelligence based on 1 billion subscribers
  • Highest accuracy in the industry — 99% catch rate

Faster Detection

  • Dynamic threat detection shuts down breaches in real time
  • Predictive risk identification using proprietary data from thousands of service providers and enterprises
  • Industry's only solution that correlates information across messaging and DNS vectors

Easier Deployment

  • Infrastructure agnostic
  • Software or virtual machine image that integrates into any architecture on premise or in the cloud
  • Pre-configured and customizable policy engine delivers comprehensive protection 'out of the box'
  • Implemented in hours vs months/years


Cloudmark's threat intelligence, real-time detection, and flexible policy engine deliver clean messaging at lower costs.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email

Provides inbound and outbound control over the message stream and can be deployed as a full-featured MTA or as a transparent proxy to protect existing MTA infrastructure.

Cloudmark Authority

Carrier-grade content filtering engine that blocks spam, phishing and malware across email, and other messaging streams. Backed by fingerprint updates every 30 seconds, Cloudmark Authority is easily integrated into any email and mobile messaging environment.

Related integrations for email environments include:

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence

Uses real-time data from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network to create accurate, comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 sender profiles enabling operators to set informed policies against good, bad, and suspect senders. Data from Cloudmark Sender Intelligence can be integrated into network perimeter devices, such as edge mail transfer agents (MTAs) to protect messaging infrastructure.

Cloudmark ActiveFilter

Cloudmark ActiveFilter uses the most up-to-date data on new threats to retroactively analyze previously scanned messages. This innnovative technology continuously reviews newly-available fingerprints to indentify potentially harmful messages delivered up to several hours prior, enabling lightweight targeted mail store clean-up.

Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud

A completely cloud-based and managed anti-abuse solution to defend against against spam, phishing and malware on both inbound and outbound mail streams.


Protect your existing messaging revenues and brand reputation with solutions that eliminate spam and fraud.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Mobile Messaging

Works with existing SMSCs and SMS router/firewalls to analyze and filter MO, MT and AO messages. It also supports the analysis of MM messages at submission time.

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