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About Proofpoint

Our Proven Technology

Cloudmark solutions employ four key technologies that allow us to analyze network traffic and stop threats faster and more effectively than anyone else.

  • Advanced Message Fingerprinting

    Patented content inspection technology identifies new threats and variants

  • Global Threat Network

    Cloud-based system that pulls in threat intelligence from millions of feeds and sources

  • Trust Evaluation System

    Automatically corroborates, analyzes, and validates reporter feedback, allowing for quicker, more accurate fingerprints

  • Flexible Policy Control

    Gives administrators total control over what content is allowed or blocked in the message stream

Advanced Message Fingerprinting

Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms form Cloudmark's core intellectual property, allowing automatic detection of messaging threats. Cloudmark's fingerprinting algorithms target different threat attributes embedded in messages. As each message arrives, these algorithms generate "fingerprints" that represent unique aspects of the message. Once a fingerprint has been determined to be associated with a verified spam, phishing or virus attack, all current and future messages containing that fingerprint will be immediately blocked. As a result, Cloudmark is able to identify mutations and variants in near real time.

Cloudmark leverages intelligent fingerprinting algorithms to identify and track spam, phishing, and virus attacks throughout the network. These sophisticated algorithms work in tandem to identify all attributes and mutations in a given attack. This unique text-agnostic threat analysis enables Cloudmark to stop spam in all languages and formats.

Global Threat Network

For new outbreaks, Cloudmark provides rapid response through its Global Threat Network, the largest and most sophisticated in the industry. With Cloudmark, threat monitoring is not limited to a single department within a company, but extended to a worldwide network of over billions of reporting sources in over 150 countries. The Global Threat Network consists of service provider abuse teams, systems administrators, honeypots and trusted users around the world. Feedback from these reporters enables Cloudmark to block the latest threats within minutes of attack origination.

Trust Evaluation System

All feedback by the Global Threat Network is corroborated and analyzed by Cloudmark's Trust Evaluation System. This system tracks the reporter's reputation and determines fingerprint classification based on the number of reports and the reporter's reputation. Reputation or "trust" is earned over time by consistently reporting correct feedback. It preserves the integrity of reports and ensures an extremely accurate system. Since feedback is continuously corroborated, any inaccuracies in message classification, such as false positives or false negatives, are corrected without manual intervention. No other system offers this continuous feedback review and seamless remediation.

The Trust Evaluation System is a key component of Cloudmark's Services, which perform the backend analysis to determine whether a message is legitimate or a threat, and categorizes threats by type and then distributes threat intelligence to Cloudmark customers.

Flexible Policy Control

Cloudmark Security Platform provides centrally managed, single-point management for policy definition, distribution, analytics, reporting and configuration. This provides customers a single interface on a single site to configure policies for all sites. Cloudmark Security Platform offers a powerful and flexible workflow style policy engine that enables administrators to quickly devise and construct security policies to address any type of threat scenario.

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