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Getting message fingerprints


For custom processing, you may require specific Cloudmark fingerprint information.


To get message fingerprints, you can enable Cloudmark's analysis header. This inserts the X-Spam-CMAE-Analysis header into every filtered message. For example:

X-Spam-CMAE-Analysis: v=1.0 c=0 p=WKMssI:10 a=v8MkrNAvrisQ:9 ...

How to enable analysis headers and categories

  1. In, add this line to CMAE's ifplugin section (after the score line):

    add_header all CMAE-Analysis _CMAETAG_

  2. In the Plug-in's client configuration file (/etc/sa_cmae_plugin.cfg), enable the "show categories" parameter:

    show categories = yes

  3. Restart spamd.
  4. In the Cartridge configuration file (cmae/cloudmark/etc/cartridge.cfg) look for a section beginning with this line:

    ## KEY: favor analysis over speed

    If cartridge.cfg does not yet exist, then create it as follows:

    cp cartridge.cfg.sample cartridge.cfg

  5. Add the following line:

    favor analysis over speed = yes

  6. Remove the old microupdate and state files, if any:

    cd cmae/cloudmark/etc
    rm -f micro_updates/* micro_updates/states/*

    Note:Be sure to use this command exactly, to avoid removing required files. Ignore any "Is a directory" error message.

  7. Restart CMAE server. The analysis header will now be added to each filtered message.

Note:The add_header directive does not work in Exim. Follow the instructions below to enable the analysis header with Exim.


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